IN A DREAM - THE EARLY YEARS: Collection of 12 songs from 1998–2003 now available on all streaming platforms! 

Our collection of old stuff is finally available! You can stream it wherever you stream your music. It's got 12 songs recorded with various drummers and bass players, from Wintertime EP to our out of print 7" EP, some acoustic numbers recorded on a boombox, and couple of songs from Limbo's Garage sessions. 


We are playing select local dates this spring and summer. 

6/ 4 - Kulttuurikulma, Pori
25/5 - Kulttuurikellari, Savonlinna
1/6 - Annankatu 6, Pori
29/6 - Secret 666, Reposaari

U.S. TOUR 2024 

It actually looks like we'll be extending our brief northern summer by doing our first USA Tour in September 2024! More details on that as all the bookings are confirmed. As of now, the dates are: 

2/9 - Dayton, OH
3/9 - Columbus, OH
4/9 - Cincinnati, OH (Northside Tavern, w/ Girl Gordon)
5/9 - Youngstown, OH (Westside Bowl)
6/9 - Harrisburg, PA (JB Lovedraft's, w/ Ford the River)
7/9 - New York, NY



While waiting to be invited to tour the USA and the Moon, here's some local tour dates for our Finnish fans to give zero fucks about. 

CLIFF BARNES - FREE FLYIN' LP (and Cassette Tape!) OUT NOW! 

Get our Free Flyin' LP: 


The collage artist Aaron Dunkel, who did the last two Guided by Voices music videos, has directed a new music video for Cliff Barnes. The video for “Everyone You’ll Ever Know”, from Free Flyin’ (Southfork Records, 2022), is a mix of punk pop weirdness that takes the viewer back to the 90’s and beyond.   

“I saw the video Aaron did for Guided by Voices (“Lizard on a Red Brick Wall”, from 2022’s Tremblers and Goggles by Rank) and got in touch. He totally came through and directed the best music video I’ve seen since November Rain”, enthuses Cliff Barnes’ songwriter, guitarist and singer JP Jakonen.  

Aaron Dunkel has worked as a senior editor with GREY, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, and DDB. He contributes much of his inspiration to his home-base of Jersey City.


In case you are into streaming your music, be sure to stream Cliff Barnes - Free Flyin' from wherever you like to stream your music, such as: 




We are happy to announce our comeback gigs with Säteri Super. Two shows, one in Pori and the other in Tampere. 

You should definitely fly over to these gigs from Tasmania, New Zealand or Chile. They are worth it. Our drummer will give you your ticket money back if you are disappointed. 

Pori 2.9.2022 @ Aallonmurtaja
Tampere 3.9.2022 @ Secret Sauciety 


CLIFF BARNES returns from a 20-year hiatus!

We are Cliff Barnes and we come from Finland. 

You know, the land with the highest happiness quotient per capita in the world, ice cold winters, and Michael Monroe. 
So yeah, all is well over here. 
Anyway, this is our debut album. 

It’s been 20 years in the making.

During lockdown I got tired of waiting for it to produce itself. 

I got my ass over to a friend’s all-analogue studio, and tried to remember some old riffs I had done way back. 

Then I said:

"Roll the tapes." 

Roll he did. 
I got some people to play stuff I can’t play like the trumpet, bassoon and pedal steel guitar. Other instruments I played myself, starting with the drums, then the bass, then the guitar. Took us about a year to do that. 
Now the pandemic is almost over, and the album is out. Imagine that. 

Although I did it by myself, now we’re a proper power trio, playing live with three Marshall full stacks.

Oh the joy.
I really hope you like the album, and at least give it a listen. 

Be well & fly free, 


The original cover paintings for Free Flyin' were made by Tuuli Luminen.


Track listing: 

1. Loud & Wrong

2. Almost Had It

3. Everyone You'll Ever Know

4. Become the One

5. Gone

6. Free Flyin'

7. Goin' Slow

8. Turn to Evil 


JP Jakonen: guitar, vocals, bass, drums

Bill Graham: piano & Mellotron (1, 6)

Kalle Grotenfelt: Farfisa (7)

Himansh Pandey: Bansuri (8)

Javier Cereceda: Bassoon (8)

Josué Garcia Garcia: Trumpet (1, 8)

Reggie "Mississippi" Duncan: Pedal steel guitar (4)

Backing vocals: Millie (4), Gladys (7) & Lucas (8)

La Jolla Choir conducted by Sandra Djordjevic (4) 

Tapio Lepistö: Engineering & recording

Joona Al-Ogaidi: Picture of JP at Forssa

Mum: Picture of JP with Jeep 

Kai Johansson: CD & LP cover layout

Tuuli Luminen: Cover paintings

All songs & lyrics by JP Jakonen ⓒ Shiny Head Stinky Feet Music 2022

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