Playing live with pics by Rasmus Forssell.

Live pics by Janne Rantanen.

JP singing along with Robert Pollard and Ian St. George at Marion's Piazza in Dayton, Ohio.

Buddying up with Lou Barlow.

Getting all lovey lovey with Uncle Bob.

Taking a pic for Kurt Vile with Ian.


Cracking a joke with Peyton Eric, the original drummer of Guided by Voices.

Hanging out at Needmore Road.

Just chillin' with Matt Fulgham of Let There Be Rock

Getting my wood at Dayton, Ohio - 19 something and 5.

Going to a camp with Kevin March.

Having our cups being filled with Bobby Bare Jr.    

Flyin' by Robert Pollard's old house at Titus Avenue.

Having a Miller Lite with Mark Shue.

Feeling handsome with Jeremy Gaudet of Kiwi jr.

Maximum high kick at the Dayton Bandshell.

With my brother, Aaron Dunkel.

"Hey JP - your album shreds!" 

"Thanks, James! Not as much as it could, though. Ever heard of Scorpions?"

Hanging out with Uli Jon Roth.

Groomed by Ric Lee & Leo Lyons from Ten Years After.

Lessons of life from Jukka Gustavsson.

Getting ready to fight with J Mascis.

Sucking it up with Dave Lindholm.

Waxing out with Spede Pasanen.

Having a pint with Tapio Lepistö.

Shredding with Yngwie's car.